is ESTABLISHED TO MEET THE GROWING NEED OF TECHNOLOGY, EXPERTISE & AWARENEESS in the field of gems, diamonds, and Diamond jewellery. India’s diamond and Diamond Jewellery industry is growing at an unprecedented rate so, does the need and demand for trained professionals. I.G.S. provides all possible solutions & services like training, testing and consultation. IGS Gem Lab, as private and Independent Gemological Laboratories, has been providing advanced Gemological Testing & Services to our clients in India. Our commitment focuses on Excellence and Integrity. Through our work and our expertise to Gems Treatments, we aim at achieving better disclosure and thus improve the Gemstone Industry. Compared to many Gem Laboratories around the world, International Gemological Standard (IGS) has a unique advantage by being located in the center of trading hub for Color Gemstones. . Recent developments within the gemstone industry have emphasized the importance of our laboratory, since, nowadays, the issuance of a certificate from a reputable Gem Lab has become common practice in our industry, and even necessary to assert the quality of gemstones and increase their value. Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced gemologists. At IGS, we all share a passion for these wonderful treasures produced by Mother-Nature that are gemstones and entrusted to our hands by you, our esteemed clients. Our expertise is a combination of Gem Identification techniques, scientific approach and extensive practical skills. We are committed to improving ourselves every day in order to maintain the reliable service our clients have come to expect from the IGS Gem Lab over the years. As a professional gemological laboratory, IGS limits their expertise to the analysis and interpretation of the scientific characteristics of gemstones. IGS does not engage in any commercial aspect of the gem and jewelry trade whatsoever.